Location / arrival

Hike to Sandaig B&B to enjoy the wonderful panorama.

Once in Inverie, exit the pier on to the tarmac road. Always keep the sea on your left.

After about 1.5km the path forks - head right and follow the ascending road.

After another 2.5 km, ignore the left turn. After a good 5km from the pier, you will see the sign on the left for the short cut to Sandaig. Or you can stay on the road and take the next left.

Our self-made hiking trail has a view of Sandaig Bay throughout, and you will soon reach the B&B.

If you are even more adventurous, you can take the costal route - after about 1.5 km follow the left road via Glashoille - Cable Bay (photo) -Torr Mor - Sandaig.

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